Mortgage Purchase Application: Apply for a Home Loan On PNC Bank

Mortgage Purchase Application: Apply for a Home Loan On PNC Bank

PNC bank is one of the prestigious bank of American. PNC stands for Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation which merged together in 1983 to form the bank. Its head quarter is in  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. PNC bank several online banking and financial solutions. In this post we will discuss about the mortgage purchase through PNC bank and how will apply for it and other process it involves.

We all need home to live in and PNC bank provide that assistance to every individual who want to have a home of their own choice by Mortgage Purchase. Bank will provide you loan to purchase a home in America with less interest rate .In this you will need to pay 20% of total amount and rest amount you can pay over the period of time on monthly basis.

Mortgage Purchase Application: Apply for a Home Loan On PNC Bank

So, in this post you will know the process involved to apply for mortgage online in PNC bank and what are the documents required during the process , mortgage rate etc.

Mortgage Purchase Application

In this days and age we all need a good home to live in. And in America every citizen wants to have their own home so that they can have their privacy. Mortgage Purchase Application is the process to apply in the bank so that bank will provide you the necessary amount that is needed to buy the home.

How to Apply

To apply for the mortgage purchase application follow the process steps given below:-

  • You need to open the browser on your phone and search for PNC Bank, and the search result show you the result ,click on the PNC website link.
  • Once you click on the PNC link you will be navigated to the home page of PNC bank.
  • On the home page click on the product and service option on the home page main menu.
  • Then you will see the mortgage purchase option under borrowing option.
  • And then click on the PNC’s digital mortgage application .
  • For pre approval application click on that option.
  • A form form details will open.
  • PNC mortgage pre approval requires to check income, employment and assets before approving loans.
  • Enquiry takes 20 to 30 min.
  • Click on continue option.
  • Then fills the browwers detail.
  • Like -Borrower Details ,Living Situation ,Purchase Plan ,Income ,Assets , Declarations
  • then click on Review & Submit

So by following the above steps you can apply for mortgage in the PNC bank for home.

Documents Required

  • Area code ZIP number where the house you want to buy.
  • Amount you want to borrow.
  • Down payment amount.
  • Employment, income and financial asset information.

Steps that need to be followed during House buying

  1. To find house in your budget, that you can do with the help of broker or PNC bank have option to search for home on its web portal.
  2. If you are first time buyer then you should lean about different aspect of home buying like – mortgage type ,its rate and how to apply.
  3. Start online application as soon as you are done with the above things in details..
  4. Then talk to the mortgage loan officer to complete the loan application. He will ask all the details about area the house is situated , amount of the home ,what’s the amount you want bas mortgage ,How much down payment you are making , your asset and income details.
  5. Then you need to submit all the details online or manually by visiting the Bank.
  6. The the loan will be approved if all the details are correct.


How can I get approved for PNC?

To get approval for any application first apply online ,you can talk to the customer service executive ,submit all the required documents in digital form or manual form. If you submit it digitally then it will be approved in 20 to 30 minutes.

Does Pre-Approval mortgage affect credit score?

Yes its affect the credit score of the buyer by five points

How does mortgage process work?

The process is online so its helps you to apply from your home. For that you need to provide some information related to your the area you want the home, then how much you will borrow ,down payment amount, Employment, income and financial asset information provide these information manually or digitally as you like or feel continent

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