What is Web Story in 2022 and its Future

What are Google web stories?

Technology is developing at rapid pace and large population is consuming content on the internet. Due to the availability of numerous content people’s average watch time or focus on single content is getting lesser and lesser. People want fast information is immersive form.

Web story is a AMP based format so if you are making a web story then make sure to optimize your website for that otherwise it will not be indexed by google to be on the web.

So web story is the product launched by google to cater the need of people as they consumes shorts in video form on YouTube now the text information is also available in shot format in the form of web story.

A great story telling is always liked by people and when its in pictorial form with text then its immersive and engaging for the consumer for the audience.

How is Google web story helping creator.

With the new format of content creators are super exited though there are very few creator for this format of content as its gaining popularity gradually.

If your story is great and engaging then there is high chances that its going to be in discover of google and you will get instant traffic to your story .

From your story if you have applied call to action button then traffic may come to your website also.

As we know web story is a individual format to tell a story but you can embed it into your blogpost also to make the post more engaging once the user lands on your page via search engine.

How do you create a web story?

There are may ways by which you can create web story for your website. Google have launched their own plugin “Google web story ” for that , which is very simple to use and it keeps on improving by regular updates.

Once you have installed the plugin into your WordPress CMS(Content management system) or whatever CMS you are using. You need to fill the details of publisher id ,publisher Logo (Note- Logos should be at least 96×96 pixels and a perfect square. The background should not be transparent) ,and monetization details you are now ready to create great webstory.

What is Web Story in 2022 and its Future
What is Web Story in 2022 and its Future
What is Web Story in 2022 and its Future
What is Web Story in 2022 and its Future

Click on new button to open the dash board of web story where you have multiple option to make and format your story. You can use audio ,video ,photo ,color combination for background and text color to make your wonderful story.

There are other plugin on which you can make story for your WordPress CMS or you can publish your without CMS also. These plugins are make story, Visual Story, Join and Newsroom AI. There tools will help you reach your targeted consumer without have website.

Make story and Newsroom AI is made with all the SEO optimization tools and option so that your story will be discovered on the google discover and get traffic on your story.

For news website and brands its great way to tell a news and story and immersive and interesting way so that brand can cater on large number of audience.

How will google find your story

Imagine you have made a wonderful story and hit the publish button but nobody discover it , then what will happen .Of course you will loose the interest yo make more web story as it’s not working for you.

we will give you the outline by which you can make your story discover on the web and drive the traffic.

Firstly you need to know that a web story is a webpage so treat it as same as your other post and share it on social media channels. Make sure to add the web story in your main menu as the traffic come to your website they may browse through your story if they find them in the menu. Embed them into post relevant to the story

What user get out of Google web stories?

User get easy and snackable content on the web to consume. User have option to swipe the slide of story right or left by swiping on the phone screen. User can also pause story by holding the screen to read the content or see the content as per their wish.

In this way its user friendly option that’s way google is pushing it and making it available in the discover of search engine.

Is Google web stories free?

Of course its free as the other services of google is free to use. Google always prioritize the user experience which helped it build such a large empire.

What is future of google web story

Actually web story is the future of content as it is visually attractive to watch and very engaging. This is the future of content as every content platform is using it in different form like Facebook as story ,YouTube shorts ,Instagram reels etc.

According to the Newsroom AI CEO in future there will be option to like ,share ,react and comment on the web story which will help user to express their feeling and share it with there friends and family.


Web story is going to disrupt the way content is made and consumed on the internet as it will be visually attractive content to consume in very less time. Many brand and news channel is already making wonderful and engaging content for their readers and many individual creators are also making web story but the number is very less as compared to other format creators. As more and more creator start making web story, it will become popular more and more. So hoping that web story will become future of content on the web.


When did Web Story started by google?

In February 2018

What the four necessary criteria of a web story

Publisher ID, Publisher Logo, Title and Publisher name

Can we monetize webstory

Yes ,there is option in setting to fill your google AdSense details so that adds could be displayed on your web story

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