In physical world if you buy a product which of general use its a liability and its value degrade over the time but in NFT if create a unique product its Value will increase and it will be you asset not liability.

In the beginning of digital word in 80’s the web was just about text sending from one individual to another

As the technology advanced it the option to communicate in real time started with whole lot of platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube , Instagram ,websites etc where people was able to communicated easily which was called web2.0.

Now its time for technological revolution and everyone is taking about web3.0 ,which means the digital world which used to be controlled by few people will be decentralized and no one one will be the owner

Like who owns crypto currency ? No one right . So its going to be exited digital world as it it totally decentralizing of power and money both.

Decentralization – World have always discussed decentralization of power and how power to some group of people or individual is not good.

Its Advantages

Uniqueness – The NFT forms or minted is unique in a way that it couldn’t be duplicated

1. Date Safety – The safety is main advantages about NFT ,once the NFT is minted the data about the genesis code , its blocks data is safe and couldn’t be changed easily.

Owners Copyright – In NFT if you have sold the property it is not that the copyright will also be sold. Its the best thing for content creator and artist as they will always retain the full copyright of the property.

Resell able – Many people in the NFT business are not themselves creator or artist ,they are reseller as they collect many unique arts NFTs