Avideo of Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claiming to be bound

while being captured at a dissent on Tuesday has been seen north of 2 million times on Twitter.

Ocasio-Cortez has been vocal about the U.S. High Court's choice on June 24 to upset Roe v. Swim,

 which safeguarded the right to early termination in the U.S. On Tuesday, at a fetus removal freedoms fight beyond the Supreme Court,

Ocasio-Cortez was kept for hindering traffic and set her hands behind her back as she was

accompanied away by a Capitol Police official, causing it to seem like she'd been cuffed.

Recordings have circled showing the occurrence. In the video posted on Twitter by journalist and

 giver for Conservative research organization The Heritage Douglas Blair, Ocasio-Cortez should be visible leaving with her hands

behind her back, an official holding her left arm, yet close to the video's end, she brings her right clench hand up high to allies observing