The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions and can essentially express what they might be thinking.

Steph Curry made the most of that extravagance Wednesday night when he facilitated the ESPYs, utilizing the chance to roast the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics were targeted even before the yearly entertainment pageant started, with the Warriors whiz

In the clip, Curry introduced himself as the "Proud husband of Ayesha Curry, the proud son of Dell Curry, and the proud daddy of the Boston Celtics."

Curry's sneer on that last line truly contorted the blade for Boston fans.

Curry kept on raising the Celtics in his initial discourse, playing to the Los Angeles crowd.

"You're never sure coming down here how an L.A. crowd is going to feel about you, but then I remembered we just beat the Celtics," said Curry

"There's nothing L.A. loves more than beating the Celtics, so we're all in this together."

Curry saw Grant Williams in the crowd and locked his affront rockets on the Celtics save enormous man.

Williams has been really blunt since the Celtics tumbled to the Warriors in six games, and during an appearance on "The Long Shot"

Podcast with Duncan Robinson on Wednesday, he certainly declared that the Celtics were the better group in the Finals.