SpaceX launches 53 Starlink satellites

 SpaceX launches next batch of 53 Starlink broad band satellites form NASA kennedy space center in florida

The main aim of starlink staellite to create a network in the space so that they can provide Internet to untouched population

At affordable price and without and hindrance .Right now Spacex is helping ukarine in connecting with the world

 SpaceX launch of  53 Starlink satellites from falcon 9 rocket look like Jellyfish as captured by someone from the ground

 Some user wrote on twitter -No, it wasn't aliens. 📷 Friday morning @spacex #Starlink launch gave #Tampa an early sunrise plume, complete with space jellyfish @FOX13News

It is fantastic to see such a view in the sky from ground and felling proud of Space X 

SpaceX comes a long way in launching satellites. Till now space X has launched 2494 satellite.