Garcia thumps down Fortuna on numerous occasions in KO win, gets down on Gervonta Davis

The entire week, there were questions in regards to which Ryan Garcia would appear against Javier Fortuna

Fortuna mixed the pot by getting down on Garcia's abilities. Garcia thought about that literally. 

Saturday night at Arena in Los Angeles, Garcia disproved Fortuna, to say the very least.

Before loved ones, Garcia beat Fortuna by means of 6th round knockout. Garcia battled like an eager shark, thanks to some extent because of the direction of coach Joe Goossen.

Garcia brought down Fortuna multiple times, exhibiting the power for which fans have come to know Garcia.

This was following a postpone in the battle (it was initially booked for 2021) for Garcia to zero in on his psychological well-being

He involved that as inspiration, not a support. In the fourth round, Garcia wrecked Fortuna with a body shot.

In the fifth, he handled a counter shot to the face, going after everywhere.

In Round 6, Garcia handled a tremendous passed on snare to the head that brought down Fortuna for good.

Garcia landed 79 out of 236 shots (34 percent) while Fortuna landed 24 of 115 shots (21 percent).

Garcia landed single-digit shots two times, while Fortuna never landed twofold digit shots.