Novak Djokovic defeats Nick Kyrgios to win seventh Wimbledon title

Novak Djokovic utilized his consistent splendor to beat the expert conveying, stunt shot-hitting Nick Kyrgios 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (3) on Sunday for a fourth sequential Wimbledon title and seventh generally.

"It's peculiar. I felt as he did nothing astounding today,'' said the unseeded Kyrgios, offering an evaluation with which some probably won't agree,

considering that Djokovic amassed 31 victors and just eight natural mistakes over the last two sets, while confronting zero break focuses in that range.

"In any case, he was simply so formed. That is the very thing I was simply contemplating internally.

In defining moments, it just felt like he was rarely shaken. I feel appreciate that is his most prominent strength: He simply never looks shook," said Kyrgios,

about whom those words probably have not been expressed. "He simply glimpses totally inside himself the entire time. Didn't seem as though he was playing over-forceful,

despite the fact that it seemed like he was playing huge.'' Among men, just Roger Federer, with eight, has come out on top for additional championships

at Wimbledon than Djokovic, and just Rafael Nadal possesses more significant prizes, with 22.