Camille Vasquez, the breakout lawyer who addressed Johnny Depp in his maligning preliminary against Amber Heard, has been elevated to accomplice at her law office, Brown Rudnick, the firm reported Tuesday.

The quick promotion for Vasquez an alum of Southwestern Law School and the University of Southern California, might be a way for Brown Rudnick to keep her on the company's staff.

he New York Post detailed that different firms have thought about poaching her. What's more, she has turned into a VIP by her own doing,

with fans cheering her and her beau, WeWork leader Edward Owen, en route to the air terminal while they were leaving Virginia.

Vasquez, who is based in California, worked close by Benjamin Chew, an accomplice at Brown Rudnick's Washington, DC office, during the length of the preliminary.

The two have been cordial with Depp's fans, posturing for pictures with alpacas that one of them brought external the town hall.

"By and large, we have held this declaration for the finish of our financial year.

In any case, Camille's exhibition during the Johnny Depp preliminary demonstrated to the world that she was prepared to make this next stride now," William Baldiga, director and CEO of Brown Rudnick

Vasquez separated herself in the preliminary with her doubting style — in some cases held, at times forceful. She directed Depp through his declaration north of a few days on the testimony box in the Fairfax, Virginia town hall

 With Heard on the substitute the preliminary's last days, she over and over pounded questions recommending she was a liar

and had developed situations where she guaranteed Depp attacked her. Furthermore, in shutting contentions, Vasquez recommended Heard prevaricated herself and advised members of the jury to doubt her.