The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Grace and Frankie star, 84, joined the host for a round of Egg Roulette.

In the game, as made sense of by show host Steve Higgins, the two players should pick eggs from a uniform-looking container

some crude, others hardboiled. In the wake of making their pick, they should crush the egg on their heads, and the main individual to break two crude eggs loses.

Going first, Fonda promptly picked and crushed an egg on her temple - which ended up being crude.

"Hold up, extremely sure!" Fallon said as it worked out, with a chuckle.

As the crowd hailed, the entertainer licked the extra yolk from her hand and the table where they sat.

Her most memorable attempt was then trailed by two fortunate turns, with both Fallon and Fonda crushing bubbled ones on their heads.

"No eggcuses," the Barbarella star said as the humorist picked his next egg, which likewise went to be hardboiled.