The 55-year-old WCW symbol has told the New York Post that in spite of the fact that Elimination Chamber 2022's Universal Title

coordinate with Roman Reigns was the keep going on his concurred bargain, he stays contracted to WWE.

Golberg explained that he hasn't been cut, adding that "no one can tell when the telephone will ring"

and expressed that he is in "lovely damn great shape at the present time." "I'm actually sitting tight for that one [call] to happen before long,

expressed Bill of the possibility of disavowing WWE. "Be that as it may, I guess you never resign in the wrestling scene until you're dead, so who can say for sure."

The previous WWE Universal Champion is apparently prepared to get back to the market-driving advancement would it be advisable for them they contact him.

That Goldberg's WWE bargain was expected to terminate after satisfying his last legally obliged match at Elimination Chamber was accounted

for before the 19 February premium live occasion. The veteran has wrestled multiple times for WWE since returning inverse Brock Lesnar in 2016,

working close by such names as Bray Wyatt, The Undertaker, and Bobby Lashley on top of those generally referenced.