After A Fan Hails Him As The 'Best Horror Director Of All Time' Upon Learning The High Score Of His Latest Film 'No'

On Rotten Tomatoes, The 'Get Out' Filmmaker Says That He'll 'Not Tolerate Any John Slander.'

Jordan Peele stays humble in spite of cutting out an amazing specialty for himself with dismay motion pictures. 

The "Get Out" movie producer has applauded back at a fan who named him the "best repulsiveness overseer ever" 

after his new film "Not a chance" procured 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. On Wednesday, July 19, a fan named Adam Ellis pondered when Jordan ought to be 

viewed as the best frightfulness overseer ever, provoking others to consider one more

movie producer in the class that has coordinated "3 extraordinary movies, not to mention 3 in succession." 

The fan tweeted, "I realize this is a quick reaction yet when do we proclaim Jordan Peele the best HORROR director  ever?

Might you at any point consider another HORROR DIRECTOR  that had 3 extraordinary movies, not to mention 3 in succession? I can't."