Comedian Dave Chappelle got Physically attacked

He was attacked while he was performing at an event 

Dave Chappelle was evidently safe after a Audience hurried the stage and actually went after the joke artist in his presentation in Los Angeles Tuesday night.

Safety faculty pursued the aggressor until they confined him off stage at the Hollywood Bowl

The assailant was subsequently accompanied from the setting on a cot and seemed to have wounds to his arm and face.

The comic seemed to lose his poise quickly, and later kidded: "That was a trans man,"

At a certain point, Chappelle vanished from view to find the assailant. At the point when he returned, he said, "I've been doing this 35 years

In October, Chappelle confronted discussion over his 2021 Netflix unique The Closer. In the unique, Chappelle kids about trans ladies and their genitalia and safeguards J.K. Rowling against pundits who say she is transphobic.

The quarrel likewise follows another high-profile stage assault, in which entertainer Will Smith slapped jokester Chris Rock for a joke Rock told about Smith's significant other, Jada Pinkett Smith, on the Oscars stage in March.

Prior in his set, which was important for the Netflix Is A Joke celebration, Chappelle talked about "the slap 'heard round the world," and said both Smith's and Rock's activities impacted him.

Rock, who had a concise set before in the show, returned in front of an audience and joked, "Was that Will Smith?"

Comedian Dave Chappelle Physically attacked