Cop accused of murder of Patrick Lyoya during traffic stop

The examiner in Kent County, Michigan, has chosen to charge Grand Rapids cop Christopher Schurr with second-degree murder in the deadly shooting of Patrick Lyoya during a traffic stop in April.

Lyoya, a 26-year-old settler from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was shot in the head on April 4

after Schurr pulled him over for an unregistered tag. His demise incited fights all through Grand Rapids.

Schurr handed himself over and is supposed to be summoned Friday, as per Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker, who settled on the charging choice.

City authorities affirmed that Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom will record desk work before the day's end for Schurr's suspension without pay.

"Today is the first day of what I believe to be -- and hope, pray to be -- ultimate justice for Patrick Lyoya," said Lyoya family attorney Ven Johnson

"We've held up 65 days since the date of his passing. For this choice, the family has implored about it, discussed it, and done all that they had at least some idea how to do to support this."

Lyoya's family told media that they anticipated that nothing great should come from today, however said the charges gave them "a tad of trust."

"Our hearts are truly broken," said Peter Lyoya, "We lost Patrick yet the individual who has killed Patrick today is sans still, is working, is investing energy with his family, is partaking in his loved ones