The second time of American Horror Stories is now starting off on a more great foot than its first

 and figures out how to give proper respect to a dearest time of the first series, American Horror Story.

The main episode of the side project series' subsequent season is named "Dollhouse," and stars Denis O'Hare,

who has showed up in Murder House, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, and Double Feature.

Extra individuals from the cast incorporate Kristine Froseth, Houston Jax Towe, Abby Corrigan, Simone Recasner, Maryssa Menendez, and Emily Morales-Cabrera

"Dollhouse" was composed by Manny Coto, who composed four past episodes of American Horror Stories.

Coto has likewise composed a few episodes of American Horror Story. "Dollhouse" was coordinated by Loni Peristere

who recently coordinated the "Elastic (Wo)Man" episodes of American Horror Stories. Peristere has likewise coordinated episodes of American Horror Story,

 A Series of Unfortunate Events, Castle Rock, and Scream Queens.