Former Child Star Amanda Bynes Released From Conservatorship after 10 years

Amanda Bynes became famous for starring in her own Nickelodeon sketch comedy All That and The Amanda Show

The WB sitcom What I Like  About You and films such as the 2010 comedy Easy A

Her attorney, David Esquibias says her parents were concerned about her well-being "and it seemed like the right thing to do at the time."

“Amanda has worked side-by-side with her parents throughout the conservatorship,” Mr. Esquibias said. ”Although she did not necessarily agree to the imposition of the conservatorship when it began, she certainly did not resist,” he added.

All these years she was diagonised with bipor and on medication and visiting psychologist and psychiatrist every week

Esquibias says Bynes has been working on herself for years, and reporting to the court regularly and now "all of her hard work has come to fruition."

A south california judge ruled out that now she is 36 and take care of herself and her mother needn't have to worry about her.

This high-profile termination case by pop star Britney Spears, which highlighted issues of conservatorships

Which are generally geared for people with dementia or a cognitive disability

"But Amanda's conservatorship is nothing like Britney's conservatorship," Esquibias told NPR

Amanda's conservatorship was a collaborative effort with her parents

There was no fighting between her and her mother or father. Everyone was working together, including Amanda."

He says Bynes never fought against having all of her decisions made by her mother

"She recognized that it was operating in her best interests and she allowed it. And it worked."

Bynes is excited to continue her studies at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Former Child Star Amanda Bynes Released From Conservatorship after 10 years