Allison Ponthier ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery’ 

Allison Ponthier needs to be aware: "When big names — particularly misjudged renowned ladies — die, what occurs after they bite the dust?"

On Thursday, the songstress poses that inquiry and investigates utopic existence in the wake of death in the astounding music video for "Hollywood Forever Cemetery" off her new Shaking Hands with Elvis

"In this video, 'Hollywood Forever Cemetery' is a safe house for those whose worth and gifts were underestimated throughout everyday life," she tells Rolling Stone.

"While I genuinely accept that anybody can get the assist they with expecting to make everyday routine worth experiencing, I generally needed to envision the stars that were gone too early in a spot that regarded them."

The video acquaints watchers with "Cap Girl" after she kicks the bucket and understands she's just associated with being a diva as she peruses titles dehumanizing her with titles like 

"Celebrity's Latest Role: Coffin Filler" and "Cap Girl Sheds Final Tear." She's then, at that point, acknowledged by the "odd however adorable characters" at the burial ground, including a furried Elvis.

"She turns into the best and most acknowledged adaptation of herself. She is home," Ponthier says.

"Hollywood Forever" is one of the tracks on Shaking Hands with Elvis, her presentation EP. She depicts the venture as "yelling out my shortcomings for such a long time that they lose their power and become qualities."

"The track highlights melodies like "Autopilot" about Ponthier's "fear of driving, "Pursuing a Feeling" enlivened by her ADHD, and "In-your-face" about her "responsiveness really being extreme."

The title track in any case, is about the unexpected loss of a close buddy of mine," she says. "I've never feared discussing passing, yet discussing this situation was especially hard