Top 7 web series in India according to IMDB By 2022, Plot

Top 7 web series in India according to IMDB By 2022, Plot

Web series is not a new format ,actually it started in 90’s and get prominent in 20’s in America. But in India it is booming now form 2015 onward. Earlier few small creators started making these web story in episodic form. But during pandemic when people were confined in their homes it become obvious that it will explode and exactly same happed many main stream hero’s get involved in making web series.

Due to several web series many small actors or actors who have no link in the industry are getting work and good content is being produced. Many OTT platforms opened to cater this need.

Top 7 most loved and watched web series by 2022

1. Mirzapur(2018)

Its is most popular webseries till now directed by Karan Anshuman Gurmeet Singh Mihir Desai. It is a crime action thriller which engage the audience with its dialogue and suspense. The story captures the area of mirzapur ,aazamgarh , jaunpur ,gaziabaad ,Lucknow. Akhandanand tripathi (Manoj Tripathi) rule in the area also known as kaleen bhaiya is ruling the area and doing all the illegal activities . The first season came in 16 november 2018 ,second season came on 23 october 2020 and today on 12 may 2022 announced that third season will come soon as the first look is out of ali faizal. The series will come on Amazon prime same as all the season.

2. The Family man(2019)

According to IMDB rating The family man is second best web series on OTT. Its a spy thriller series Featuring Manoj Bajpai as the main character as Srikant tiwari. The story is based on real events of different news paper articles published in the news paper. Manoj bajpai as an intelligence officer with his friend investigative of possible terrorist attack in the country at the same time dealing with the troubles family situation.

3. TVF Picher’s (2015)

TVF Picher’s written by biswapati sarkar and developed by Arunabh kumar . The story is based on the start up culture where four friends are frustrated by their 9 to 5 job and want to start their own company .The revolve around their struggle and dilemma and how they cope up with these things in their life. The first season was premiered on TVF Play and a week later on YouTube.

4. Sacred Games (2018 2019)

Its a India crime thriller web series .This is the first webseries made for netflix India audience in Hindi. In 2014 netflix CEO decided to make content for Indian audience and contacted phantom film to produce the film based on the novel of vikram chandra. Saif Ali Khan as Satraj Singh is a troubled policeman got the call from mumbai most notorious mafia Ganesh Gaitonde, he asked satraj singh to save the city within 25 days. Satraj singh share this information with the RAW and how the things happens is very interesting to watch. The first season premiered on 5 July 2018 and second on 15 august 2019. The response in the second season was not good so the third season willn’t come as of now.

5. Kota Factory (2019-2021)

Kota Factory is one of the most loved webseries by Indian students. The story written by Saurabh khanna and directed by Raghav subbu. The story showcase the student life in Kota .How students from small towns come in kota with the aspiration of cracking the India’s toughest exam IIT JEE and enter into the most premier institute in India. How Jitu sir or bhaiya help some one the students get over their dilemma and inspire them to prepare for the exam full throttle without worrying.

6. Special OPS (2021)

As from the name you can guess that its a action ,spy ,thriller web series written by Neeraj Pandey ,Deepak Kingrani and Benazir Ali Fida and Directed by Neeraj Panday along with Shivan Nair. Himmant singh (K k Menon ) is a RAW agent forms a team of five members to track down the person attacked in India. It was released on 17 march 2020 on Hotstar. Actually the concept was conceptualized by Neeraj Pandey in 2010 for a movie but it didn’t materialized then due to some reasons.

7. Asur

With this web series Arshad warshi made his debut in the OTT world. The series is a cocktail of crime, mystery and thriller produced by Tanveer Bookwala. The series consist of 8 episode in the season 1 ,which was released on 2 march 2020. The episodes is about a boy name Shubh who is a serial killer at the backdrop of Varanasi city. Arshad warshi called “DJ ” Dhananjay Rajpoot who is a forensic expert at CBI .

Hope you enjoyed reding the top 7 list of web series which were loved and watched by the audience .So if you have missed any of the above then just go and watch it ,you willn’t regret.

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