Movies Releasing in May 2022

Movies Releasing in May 2022-People are crazy about movies all over the world and people love to watch it in theatre. But due the pandemic may movies were not released and waiting for its release in theatres. Now when the theatres are open are people are rushing to the theatres, many movies are lined up to be released.

Although during the pandemic when the theatres were closed OTT platform helped a lot to recover the business of a movies which were released on OTT. And reached to larger audience, it was a win win for all.

List of movie releasing in may 2022

Sl. NoMovie NameRelease Date
1.Dhaakad20th may 2022
2.Bhool Bhulaiya20th may 2022
3.Chitrakut20th may 2022
4.Dehati Disco27th may 2022
5.Anek27th may 2022
6.Love In Ukraine27th may 2022
List of movie releasing in may 2022

1. Dhaakad

Releasing on 20th may 2022 Dhaakad is a action thriller movies with Kangana Ranaut as main protagonist. Movies is directed by a new director Razneesh Razy Ghai and produced by Deepak Mukut , Sohel Maklai. The tailer looking promising with full of action and dialogue. Arjun rampaal is villan in the movie with a different look ,tailer shows a fight sequel with agent agni “kangana ranaut”.Lets see how the movie perform on the box office.

2. Bhool Bhulaiya 2

Bhool bhulaiya 2 is sequel of Bool bhulaiya staring Akashya kumar in 2007. It is horror comedy sequel. In this Kartik Aryan is rooh baba who could see the dead people, who falls in love with reet “Kiara Advani”.The movie revolves around a haunted haveli where Kanika sharma “tabu” got trapped and how she get out of the place and other different aspect which we will see in the movie.

3. Chitrakut

The movie is revolves around five people who falls in love ,there life story and how they manage to cope-up with different situation they face in their life and different point.

The movie is written and directed by Himanshu Malik and produced by Akbar Arabiyan , Himanshu Malik . the movie is going to be released on 20th may 2022.

4. Dehati Disco

Dehati Disco is a low budget film starring a child artist ,Ganesha Aachya in lead roll. The cast of the film are Ganesh Acharya, Ravi Kishan , Manoj Joshi, Rajesh Sharma, Sahil M Khan, Master Saksham , with Remo D’Souza as guest appearance. Movie releasing on 27th may 2022.

The movie revolve around dance ,a place called shivpur in UP where to dance is still a Jinx. But a small buy and his father is adamant to dance as it is part of our culture. How they tackle with this problem is to be seen in the film.

5. Anek

The trailer of Anek is released and Aayushman khurana in the Army dress and chopped hair looking vey good. As trailer showcasing the militant issue in the northeast states of India.

As the trailer also showing biases in the country towards northeast people and how they called them with “chinki name” which a derogatory name used by some people in India towards northeast people. Trailer showing how we are a one India ,neither north Indian south Indian.

The movie is directed by Anubhav sinha and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar & Anubhav Sinha.

6. Love In Ukraine

Love in Ukraine is a film short with European crew and a India boy. Based on the love story of a India boy with Ukrainian girl. How he went to Ukraine for study and fall in love with a girl there and how the war has destroyed all that he has ,his carrier ,his girlfriend ,his home .

The movie is written and directed by Nitin Kumar Gupta. Produced by Kamal Entertainment Pvt Ltd & Neole Films releasing on 27th may 2022

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