KGF Chapter 2 Trailer : With Yash and Sanjay dutt faceoff it gives goosebumps

KGF Chapter 2 Trailer : With Yash and Sanjay dutt faceoff it gives goosebumps

With the release of KGF in 2018 it had impacted the audience pan India now comes chaper 2 lets see how it will do on the boxoffice.

Face off between Yash and sanjay dutt will gives you goosebumps. Its the capter 2 that is part 2 of KGF. As trailer gives you glimpse of war between the three character Rocky (Yash), Adheera (Sanjay Dutt) and Ramika Sen (Raveena Tandon).

The trailer looks mindboggling action ,dialogs and background music is adding everything is needed to give you a Adeline rush.

The one liner dialog of rocky ” Violence… Violence .. Violence … i don’t like it, avoid it …but violence likes me”

The trailer seems promising so as the film is goin to be as we see in the KGF 1st part. Chapter 2 starts from where the graruda was killed and rocky bhai declares himself as savior. Introduction of Sanjay dutt as Adheera is mind blowing as showing his masculinity and hair style is very different. The larger than life image of Rocky Bhai who is the savior. Adheers has cptured the Goal mines called KGF( kollar Gold fields) and Rocky bhai wants his supremacy in the area so he fights for that mine.

The director of the film Prashanth Neel has picked up the charcter like Sanjay dutt, Raveena tondon very carefully so that he can capture the hindi speaking audience. Nonetheless south films like pushpa and RRR have done fantastic in the hindi belt and crossed 500 crore marks in earning.

Now its time for Bollywood industry to think about there content and where they are going in terms of cinema making as many films of Bollywood are not doing well on the box office though many doors have opened up for income like OTT release but audience are not liking the Bollywood content much.

KGF Chapter 2 Details

Name of the movieKGF Chapter 2
Directed byPrashanth Neel
Written byPrashanth Neel
Produced byVijay Kiragandu
Co-directorKirtan Nadagouda & Dhool Prakash
EditorUjjwal Kulkarni
ChoreographyHarsha, Mohan
DI & VFXUnify Media
DubbingAnand Y S
KGF Chapter 2 Details

KGF Chapter 2 Trailer

The KGF chapter starts with the death of a journalist who was covering the story of Rocky bhai. Rocky bhai is a orphan ,who rise from no where and become the king of Mumbai. Rocky bhai has no gang he is a solo fighter to establish his supremacy in the region.

Dur to the death of the journalist ,who will tell the story about Rocky bhai so Journalist’s son, Vijayendra “Prakash Raj” comes forward to complete the story. Adheera have full control of the Kollar gold field and rock bhai has the task to fight it down. In the first half adheera leave Rocky bhai after capturing him, rocky bhai came next time with full arms and amination to completely destroy the kingdom of adheera.

If you try find logic in the fight sequences then you will miss the cinematography and background music which very loud in every scene. If have watched it its good and if haven’t then go and watch it as it will literally give you goosebumps. The background music is very loud so try to leave kids at home.

KGF Chapter 2 Trailer


Is KGF Chapter 2 release on OTT?

yes, its going to be released by Amazon prime on 27th may 2022. Fans are waiting for the day as many haven’t watched the movie in theatre. And many want to watch it again and again. So the wait is over the OTT release in near.

KGF based on true story

There are claims about some resemblance of a person and his mother tried filed plea to stop the release of the film but in the movie every character is larger than life that it cann’t be real

Kolar Gold Fields real place

Kolar Gold Field is a real place in kollar district of Karnataka. The mining started there from the British time but it was stopped in 2001 as the gold price became low and cost of manufacturing became higher so there is no point extracting gold from that place

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