How to Monetize Your Web Story

How to Monetize Your Web Story-Since the inception of webs story in February its now growing rapidly. Though it is available in USA ,India and Brazil only. After its success and proper implementation in these countries. As you know the web story is a open source visual storytelling ,which is best for AMP sites.

Actually AMP, which is a open source made to enhance the user experience ,as most of the user are on phones. So AMP helps to load the search queries faster which is less than 1 sec with the help of AMP. Due with published see increase in traffic and time spent on the page.

Today in this post we will discuss the ways by which we can make web story and monetize in proper and effective way. We will leant step by step implementation of google ad code on the website so that you will be able to monetize you webstory .

Lets get started …….

How to Monetize Your Web Story

There are different ways to monetize your web story by applying different methords.

Some of the methods of monetize your web story are :-

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate
  3. Brand promotion

1. Google AdSense – Google AdSense is the best way to monetize your google web story. If you are making web story for your website or Blog that you have option to place Google adsense to your stories. Though it might be possible that all your stories will not show adds to the user because it is recommended by google in the discover and not searched by the user.

So as we know google show adds on each and every web page of your website because the intent of the user is clean and they have landed on the website of a query they have searched on the google.

2. Second option is affiliate– This is also a way by which you can earn money. Through affiliate thousands of people are making money ,if we talk about different types of affiliate websites then there are many if google it out.

But if want want to make affiliate income through web story then you can make it easily. When you make a story to promote a particular item then you can add call to action button in your story and drive your traffic to buy that product.

To sell as a affiliate, first you need to create your account on different affiliate network. Then create the link on products you want to sell through you web story. Then add in the call to action button and you are ready to go.

3. Brand promotion – Third way is not the direct way to earn money but once you have traffic on a particular niche you can approach brands for promotion of their product . You can also make promotion of your own brand through web story.

If you want to make your own brad through the webstory than its a golden opportunity to do so. Because google is pushing webstory in the discover to enhance the user experience and there is not much content out there on the web. So you can get involved into this and make you brand very easily.

How to place add on your Web Story

To place add in your web story you need to create add units. So lets focus on creating add units and then its placements into the story . So follow the process given below for add unit generation and its placements.

  • Go to the Your google AdSense account, sign in into the account.
  • Once the account is open click on the ” Adds ” option on the right side.
  • Then click on the “overview”.
  • Then click on “Add by unit”.
Add by Unit
  • Now click on display adds , as it is best for “Google Web Story“.
  • Give name to your “Add unit ” as it will be very easier to find whenever required. Don’t forgot to select vertical option and add as responsive.
  • Then click on the create option.
  • Code will be craeted in HTML and AMP format.
  • Click on AMP format.
  • The will show in this form which you need to paste in between the <head> </head> of you website in the theme editor
<script async custom-element="amp-ad" src=""></script>
  • And then paste the below code between the <body></body> tag of your page.
  • Once you have done that you need to add published -id in the webstory plugin.
  • Published logo is must for good optimization of your web story.
  • Then enter the slot id which you get from add code .
  • By saving all these option into setting of the google webstory you are good to go.
<amp-ad width="100vw" height="320"
  <div overflow=""></div>
  • This way you web story will start showing adds.

How to make Web story

Its a broad topic but let me try to explain it in simple way .Suppose you have a story to tell ,wouldn’t be it great to have option of picture animation and video with the text on it.

It will be great right. So web story have all these elements mentioned above you just need a tool to apply them.

So ,google have introduced google web story plugin for the wordpress where you can easily create google web story.

There are other tolls also available in the market like makestory ,Newsroom AI etc.

If we talk about google webstory then there are many option with the help of which you can easily make a beautiful webstory.

Some of the of the feature like you have plenty of free image to use from on different topics from old to the current topics. Videos available for free and numerous templets are also available to give your webstory professional look.


How many webstory in a day we can publish?

There is no limitation as such ,you can publish as many story as you can and want to on your wordpress or individual tools

Is the monetization process is same as webpage

Web story is also a webpage but the different is that it is made on AMP HTML which loads faster and helps user to engage easily ,although AdSense remains same there is AMP format code to be implement into the wordpress so that ad placement will be proper according to the format of webstory

How webstory useful for the website?

webstory is very useful for the website as it is capable of driving lots of traffic to your website also you can use it to build a brand in the market, because it is new and very few creators are working on it.

How much money we ca make form the webstory

There is no limit to the money you can make from google web story .It all depends type of content and quality of content you are making on the story.

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