Dhaakad Movie | Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Posters

Dhaakad Movie , Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Posters kangana’s new movies trailer is out!

Upcoming movie of kangana ranaut who is busy with lock upp now a days is coming on 20th may 2022. The trailer of Movie Dhaakad is out and seems promising and action packed. Kangana in her boycut short hair and skiny dress looking stunning.

This is the first time in Bollywood cinema that a girl is lead in a action thriller movie. The lead Agni played by Kangana is looking promising with with looks and fighting scenes.

The time will tell will the audience accepts her in her new avatar or not. The movie is releasing on 20 may 2022. We will review it is our post later after the release so follow us for more updates.

Movies lovers will be thrill to know that after the lockdown multiplexes and cinema halls are opening up and people are loving this because earlier in lockdown the movies were released on OTT platform and audience missed watching movies in theater.

Piracy is one issues that every movie faces now a days. To avoid the leak of a movie all the director and produce do many things to stop it form going online. They even give copyright to many sites who illegally distribute movies on their website.

Dhaakad Movie Details

The movie is made by Rajneesh Ghai ,this is his first movie but the movie is made so well as could be seen from the trailer that it doesn’t seems like he is making movie for the first time. Below are cast and crew of the movie Dhaakad.

Movie NameDhaakad
LeadKangana ranaut
Other castArjun Raampal, Divya dutt , Deepak Mukut
DirectorRajneesh Ghai
Produced bySoham Rockstar Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
ProducerDeepak mukut & Sohel Maklai
Co producerHumnar Mukut
MusicSanker Eshaan loy , Dhruv Ghanekar and Badshah
Background ScoreDhruv Ghanekar
Release Date20th may 2022
Dhaakad Movie Details


If we talk about the cast the he has chosen his cast very carefully because it is a women centric movie with full action sequences ,and there is no any reference that women is playing a character who has so many action scenes in the movie. So to choose Kangana as the lead he must be knowing that she is the only actor in Bollywood film industry who ca pull this role. As you can see the trailer the way she is fighting the way she performed is looking quite promising. It will be interesting to watch the full movie in the theater and then decide whether she has done justice to the role or not.

  • Kangana Ranaut
  • Arjun Rampal
  • Diya Dutta
  • Saswata Chatterjee,
  • Sharib Hashmi
  • Deepak Mukut
  • And others

Dhaakad Movie Popular Dialog

If we talk about the dialog then there is many popular dialog but what we could see in the trailer is few of them and most of the trailer part is fight sequence and less about the story of the film. So lets see the most popular dialog of the movie.

“I am into business of separating soul from the body”

Which means its is her job to separate the soul from the body and better not mess with her

Dhaakad Movie Trailer

As the trailer is out people are now eagerly waiting for the movie as we can see from the trailer that its a thriller action packed movie. You can watch the movie on and after 20th may 2022 as its going to be released all over India and abroad also.

The second trailer dropped on 12th may 2020 with addition to the previous trailer. As 1st trailer was some scene with with background music but this time the real sound was also there with the background music. Arjun Rampal look is show properly with more scenes

Dhaakad Movie Trailer


Who is the lead in Dhaakad?

Kangana Ranaut is the lead in Dhaakad along with her arjun rampal, divya dutta are also there.

What is the Genre of Dhaakad?

Action thriller

Who is the Director of movie Dhaakad

The director of the movie Dhaakad is Rajneesh Ghai

What is the release date of Movie Dhaakad

Its 20th may 2022

What is the plot of the movie Dhaakad

The agent name “Agni” she is fierce and can to any extent to enter into the door of enemy where a male cann’t be able to go. And the gangster who thinks the land is property ,so as the coal and sell it illegally ,but by selling that he got involved in human trafficking’s. That where he got himself into Hot water. The is action packed where Kananga is killing it ,in the literal sense she is killing without mercy. The background score and music is very impressive.

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