Campus Diaries (MX Player) Web Series Cast ,Release Date,Season

Campus Diaries (MX Player) Web Series Cast-As the name sounds campus diaries is a story based inside campus of a University named Excel University. This Webseries made by Prem mistry and Abhishek yadav. The story revolves around the life of immature six college students who deals with different situations like First love ,Romance, Adulthood, society, drugs etc.

Campus Diaries features Saloni gaur , Salonie patel ,Harsh beniwal , Ritivik sahore, Srishti Ganguli Rindani and Abinav sharma in the lead role.

The 1st episode starts with the 2nd year students exited about the college ragging which is illegal in the college. But because they were ragged when they were fresher they thought its their time now. But the dean of the college get hold of 4 students of the 1st year and threaten to give them a year back and told them to appear before the college committee. During their appearance every one blamed themself for the ragging but the committee head left them with warning.

As giving punishment to them will lead to affect the reputation of the college and ultimately affect the admission for the next year. They were given the talk of anti-ragging squad and paste anti ragging poster on the walls of the campus.

All the 12 episode evolves around college conundrum about one sided love ,drugs, sex and collage exams ,how they cope up with all these and in the last manage to pass all semester with their hard work. After their final year all planned a last party where they party hard and remember all the events of their time in the campus and rejoice them. They parted away with different plans which they have to do after the college ,some were planning to go to goa for some time ,some wanted to go to home first. This way first season ends with the hint of second season.

The first episode is out form 7th january 2022, 12 episode is out on the MX player app.

Campus Diaries (MX Player) Web Series Cast ,Release Date, Season

Campus Diaries Main cast

  • Harsh beniwal as Sudheer Kumar
  • Ritvik Sahore as Abhilash
  • Saloni gaur as Priyanka
  • Abhinav sharma as Raghav
  • Srishti Ganguli Rindani as sanya
  • Salonie patel as Sushmita

Campus Diaries Other Cast

  1. Gulshan Nain as Goldie
  2. Himanshu Khanna as Student
  3. Lovekush as Canteen Guy
  4. Chetan Raghav as Ronnie
  5. Rajni Bajaj as Mrs. Gupta
  6. Aryaman Gunjha as Pinki
  7. Manoj Saha as Prof. Vishnu
  8. Ajay Madhok as Prof. Mukhopadhyay
  9. Sameer Rehman as Akshay Yash
  10. Pooja Pathak as Shruti
  11. Rajesh Yadav as Sandy
  12. Pradeep Soni as Prof 1
  13. Shubham Tiwari as Rahil
  14. Sahil Kumar as Sudhanshu Goon
  15. Ramandeep Yadav as Prithviraj
  16. Ranjan Raj as Inquillab
  17. Piyush Katal as Tomar
  18. Gaurav as Nerd Freshie
  19. Durga Kamboj as Girl Freshie
  20. Sayyad Alam as Leader Freshie
  21. Rohit as Bihari Freshie
  22. Manoj Joshi as Dean
  23. Raaviya as Model Girl
  24. Ishroop Kaur as Vibha
  25. Sanjeev Goswami as Sports Professor
  26. Ravi Mohan as Prof. Khosla
  27. Rishab Joshi as Jammie
  28. Lovekush as Canteen Guy
  29. Akansha as Topper
  30. Dheeraj Sharma as Anuj
  31. Kanika Wadhwa Tyagi as Vaishali

Campus Diaries (MX Player) Web Series Details

Name of the Web Series Campus Diaries
Director Prem mistry and Abhishek yadav
GenresTeenage Drama
Lead RoleHarsh beniwal as Sudheer Kumar
Ritvik Sahore as Abhilash
Saloni gaur as Priyanka
Abhinav sharma as Raghav
Srishti Ganguli Rindani as sanya
Salonie patel as Sushmita
Number of episode12
ProductionYellow montage streamline production
Campus Diaries Details


As you see in the trailer that campus diaries revolve around the Excel university students. Mainly six students who came to university to enjoy there life. In the trailer it it shown how they got exited when freshers arrives in the campus and they plan to take ragging of freshers.

Trailer showcase how they got involved in the drinking ,sexual relationship and other wrong activities to enjoy there life ,but got frustrated and disillusioned by that.

Campus Diaries has all that happens in any institute in India. The election happens in all the universities and same showcased in the websseries.



Do campus diaries have season 2

No ,It has just started on 7th January 2022

Is campus diaries worth watching

Yes, its full of youthfulness, love, and excitement of college life and how different students deal with it differently

Is campus diaries shot in chandigarh university

Yes, its obvious that its based on the university so it has to be short in a University campus but with the name change. The name in the campus dairies is excel university .

When campus diaries season 2 release date

7th January 2022 ,it will be story of students who have passed out of university in the first episode and where they are in their life right now.

Campus diaries imdb Rating

9.5 is the rating of campus diaries according to IMDB

Campus Diaries Season 2 Release Date

Right now season one has been released, The Campus Diaries Season 2 is expected by January and February of 2023 .

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